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Project Party Time
Finnegan & Jody Purtell
I was just on the phone with Nancy from CSOG discussing the January 2024 social. She asked if I could do a post about supporting birthdays and extracurricular funds for the kids. I immediately felt in my spirit that Lead The Way Social could help support those for 2024. A few hours later, Finnegan came running through the door from off the bus, and he said, 'Mom, Mom, Mom, I need you to make me a website for kids in need!' I was moved to tears and told him about the kids at CSOG and how I wanted to help with a 'fun fund' for moms and children. It's amazing how God uses our children to affirm the thoughts that He sparks in us. Props go to my hubby for coming up with the name ~ Project Party Time! 

Jody & Finnegan Purtell 

The Mission

Our mission is to bless children at Cornerstone of Grace with the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays and milestones and/or engage in extracurricular activities with their mothers while living at
Cornerstone Of Grace!
Cornerstone of Grace Resident
Cornerstone of Grace Resident
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Cornerstone of Grace Resident
Cornerstone of Grace Resident

WHY, Project Party Time?

Do you remember being a kid and when the celebration was focused on you? Friends and family gathered to sing Happy Birthday, and you blew out the candles? That feeling of going bowling or to the movies with your parents and siblings just because it was a rainy day and everyone was antsy to get out of the house? I absolutely remember those moments! They are some of my fondest memories from childhood. It's unfortunate that not everyone has the ability to splurge on those experiences, especially those living at CSOG. My heart also goes out to the Mom who is doing whatever she can to make a better life for her children. That's why Project Party Time was started, which is focused on providing those children and their mothers with the ability to have fun experiences and create lasting memories. 

Cornerstone of Grace Resident


2024 Community

A community of people that want to grow this "fun"raiser! Thank you 
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